at the risk of seeming ridiculous…


Posted in written thoughts by Charles on August 8, 2010

i realized over the weekend that whenever i have to make life choices, i come to chicago.
or to put it another way.. whenever i am at a sort of crossroads,  i somehow end up in chicago.

i discovered blue tones there.
i realized that i was more interested in questions of spirit and soul there.
and now, i was reminded to choose passion and what is life-giving.

you know how it is.  three times = a pattern.
or perhaps now, a ritual.

chicago, the soul city.
the home i go to discover that which is within.

things are all uncertain again..
but strangely i feel at peace.
i suppose that in ambiguity, possibilities are more readily accepted.

thanks again chicago.
as always.


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  1. Sarah said, on August 28, 2010 at 13:09

    soul discovery threefold. word.

    ever read the guy below? 🙂 writes all about chicago throughout his work. he’s different because he’s so real about the grit of the city– and somehow churns out the beautiful and poetic from the most everyday, ordinary, and even viscerally repulsive things around.

    “Happiness” – Carl Sandburg

    I ASKED the professors who teach the meaning of life to tell
    me what is happiness.
    And I went to famous executives who boss the work of
    thousands of men.
    They all shook their heads and gave me a smile as though
    I was trying to fool with them
    And then one Sunday afternoon I wandered out along
    the Desplaines river
    And I saw a crowd of Hungarians under the trees with
    their women and children and a keg of beer and an

  2. Charles said, on August 31, 2010 at 05:44

    chillin under a tree, drunk and with family. word up.

  3. amisa chiu said, on November 18, 2010 at 08:12

    we are at a crossroads at life chuck. alex and i are trying to decide if portland or la or anywhere else calls our soul. maybe i’m wondering and been asking God, where? if the momentum is pushing for portland, and yet i wait for a sign whether to go, what then? waiting for an answer seems like forever, and i have so many questions like, who are we even talking to? and what am i even saying? and what is the most effective thing to do at this point? maybe i should visit chicago, it is my mother’s birthplace, and a city that i saw with young eyes. i feel lost at this point, because its so hard to ask to be placed somewhere and i forgot how to just leap. i remember leaping, and the bruises when you fall, are worth it, aren’t they? ; ) keep on keeping on. love

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