at the risk of seeming ridiculous…

Learn How to Laugh!

Posted in written thoughts by Charles on June 9, 2009

Lift up your hearts, my fellows, higher and higher!
And the legs – you mustn’t forget those!
Lift up your legs too, accomplished dancers;
or, to top it all, stand on your heads!

This crown of the man who knows laughter,
this rose-chaplet crown: I have placed it on my head,
I have consecrated laughter.
But not a single soul have I found strong enough to join me.

Zarathustra the dancer, the fleet Zarathustra,
waving his wings, beckoning with his wings to all birds around him,
poised for flight, casual and cavalier-

Zarathustra the soothsayer, Zarathustra the laughing truthsayer,
never out of sorts, never insisting, lover of leaps and tangents:
I myself have put on this crown!

This crown of the laughter-loving, this rose-chaplet crown:
to you, my fellows, do I fling this crown!  Laughter I declare to be blessed;
you who aspire to greatness, learn how to laugh!

Part IV, “Of Greater Men”


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  1. chuckles mcduckles said, on June 11, 2009 at 01:11

    We gotta laugh because:

    We all know what’s going to happen to “me.” The “me” is going to pop like a soap bubble. They’re popping in the world every second . . . pop, pop, pop . . . These “me’s” that were once so important unto themselves. Amazing.”


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